I’m back.

Whether you’re like “OMG! YAY!” or you’re like “Big deal. Watermelon is back too. You’re lame. At least watermelon has seeds to spit.”

I’ve never liked melons. Any melons. Watermelon is good, I guess. Seed spitting is fun. But have you noticed…any restaurant that offers fruit salad usually fills it with cantaloupe and honeydew. Gross. I always ask ahead of time what fruits are in the salad. I refuse to eat a filler salad. Restaurants fill with honeydew and cantaloup because they are cheap and take up a lot of space in a bowl. If you like those pale, slimy fruits, you win. I, on the other hand, hate melon. I want a fruit salad loaded with strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, kiwi, and red grapes. Fat chance.

We used to go to town on watermelons when I was a kid. My family used to have a mountain house in Asheville, NC. It was about a 10 minute drive from Chimney Rock and Lake Lure if you know the area. It was so much fun. No central air? No problem! Except when we went up to the house one November and it snowed. And all we had was a fireplace and really crappy (dangerous) electric blankets for warmth. That was kind of scary. We were cold. One of the highlights of our summer trips to the mountains was watermelon. We always bought a watermelon and spit seeds off the porch. It’s the little things. I bet there are rogue watermelons growing under that house right now.

But back to fruit salads. Have you noticed that fruit salads are always like 75% honeydew or cantaloupe? Then they throw in like 3 blueberries, a few slices of under-ripe strawberries, and a grape or two.

Sorry for my melon rant. Moving on.

I’m on the green shake train. This the soul train, I swear. Give it a go.

11539760_10102086721864578_8792495157860141254_n 11143695_10102086722084138_7967470663915479052_n

I ran a hot, nasty, sweaty 10.75 mile run yesterday morning at noon. I’m taking Fridays off from work this summer because I have about 140 vacation hours to burn. So I now have a regularly scheduled mid-day run. It was supposed to be a morning run, but since I end up waking up around 9, then eating breakfast, I usually don’t get downtown until high noon—which is the ideal time of day to run in June in Charleston. 94° with 100% humidity. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger….?

Thus, recovery fuel is important.

I mixed up a medium sized banana, about 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries, almost a cup of frozen spinach, and a cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk in my NutriBullet.

Best smoothie ever. This was delicious and gave me a shocking second wind. People say you can’t taste the spinach…they lie…I taste it (maybe because I use a lot more than they do), but it’s not a bad taste. This smoothie/shake tastes like fresh. I have to eat mine with a spoon. In a bowl. I tried to drink it in a large Tervis Tumbler (as pictured), but it’s way too hearty. I swear, it’s delicious. But drinking it in a glass or through a straw would be super gross. Just my opinion. Consider me the honest blogger. If it tastes good, I’ll let you know. But I won’t pretend that it takes some work to get to that point.

I hope I can still gather some followers. I’m sorry I bailed briefly. I need positive reinforcement. Give me a reason to blog, and I’ll jump at the opportunity to keep you entertained!

2015 Cooper River Bridge Run!

Hey guys! I apologize for my absence. I’ve been busy at work, distracted by life, etc.

All things are good, though. I just can’t find the time to sit down and blog. I think you know that about me by now. I can only juggle so many social media outlets at a time. I am totally dedicated to Facebook, since everything links back to it. But I’ve bailed on Twitter. Never jumped on Instagram. I have a LinkdIn account because I feel obligated. But I like to live life for real more than I like to record every moment. So please accept this as both and apology and a statement. The Whaley Daily…is a sham! We are NOT daily. We live life to the fullest on a daily basis…but we blog much less often.

Anyway…I raced today!

The Cooper River Bridge Run, 38th annual. 10K. BOOM!

I actually hate this race. There are SO many people. Upwards of 35,000. It’s insane. Of course, most of those people jog/walk, but still. So. Many. People….

My amazing company (Kiawah Partners!) paid for my entry, so I decided to run again this year. Last year, I ran and finished in 41:52. I was cool with that. But I’m me. So I had to do better this year.

I dread this run. I’ll run any 5K, no problem. But a successful 10K is a sprint the whole way. And there’s a daggum BRIDGE in this run, and it’s an uphill climb for almost a mile. Miserable, especially when facing a head-wind (which we were this year).

But I live it up. I have some fabulous family friends who provide a comfortable sanctuary for me the night before. They live in The Old Village, which is the neighborhood literally steps from the starting line. It’s less than a quarter mile from the action, so it’s the perfect warm up jog to the starting line. I stayed with them last night. We watched some tv, caught up, I was in bed by 11.

I woke up at 6:45 (sleeping in, since I normally wake up at 5 during the week). I messed around for a bit, took a shot of 5-Hour Energy, ate my Quest Bar (a little too late…like 7:15…oops) and bounced out the door.


I got to the start around 7:35. They make it sound like you have to be in your wave group at like 6:30. No. You can probably roll in at 7:55 and be just fine. No one is checking people in. I need to remember that. I’ll sleep til 7 next year.

So I stood there, freezing (it was right around 42°) for almost half an hour. I saw a few friends. My feet went numb. Awesome.

Finally, it was start time. I was in the “Competitive” wave, right behind “Elite”. We started at the same time though. Elite is at the front, only about 50 people, maybe? Then Competitive….a mix of real racers and people who lied on their race entry. You can look at a person and know they can’t run a sub 45 10K. People are idiots.

I was too far back. I knew it. But I don’t really have it in me to force myself to the front. So I just chilled. Annoyed. Smushed between a bunch of morons who wouldn’t break 48 minutes.

The gun went off, and thus began the dodging and dipping between all sorts of riff raf. I think I cut some guy off, because I heard: “WTF bitch?! WTF??? Damn, bitch!” Um, how about, MOVE. Either way, I beat him.

My first mile was 6:26. Ouch. My typical 5K first mile is right around 6 or 6:03. I usually go out strong, so this was a bit worrisome…

I missed the second mile time, but right after the second mile begins the incline on the bridge. This part is mental. You breath harder. You fight harder. It’s a climb. But it’s not hard. This is when I pass like 40 people. The wind was head on. It was cold. Not gonna lie…my feet were numb.

Once I hit the top of the bridge, the start of mile 4, I was golden. Straight shot downhill. I made up that first mile. I passed a few chicks (and dudes, but they don’t matter), and felt great. I got the feeling back in my feet sometime during the 4th mile. That was nice.

5th mile was good. I was comfortable, steady pace. But my time at the end of 5 was 33 something. I had a personal (crazy) goal of sub 40 minutes. So 33 was a panic number. The last mile was flat, but I was pretty spent. At the 6 mile mark, I knew I wouldn’t make a sub 40. That feeling kind of sucked. We know our limits. At least, I know mine, and I knew it wasn’t going to happen. However, it was clear I’d beat last year’s time.

And I did. Finish time was, officially, 40:51. Which is still awesome.


I have nothing to complain about. I beat last year’s 41:52 but a whole damn minute (and 1 second…)! Considering the conditions compared to last year too…the wind? The cold? Last year was like 62 and no wind. I dressed perfectly. I was comfortable during the run. Who is “comfortable” during a run like this!? But I can’t help but wonder….what if it was warmer and less windy? I can only imagine. I need to stop imagining. Next year, we’ll break 40. Mark my words…

This was a personal record. My best 10K to date, which is why I need to chill…I am excited but also not totally satisfied. ’Tis the plight of a runner…there’s always an excuse.. I HATE runners’ excuses. Even today. I was waiting at the finish, looking for friends, and there were people with “Elite” race numbers finishing WELL behind me, and they came in saying things like, “Sh!t. 45 minutes! That was a crappy course, WTF!???!” I was thinking….sweetheart, you are NOT an elite runner…nice try, though! Maybe I’m an oddball. But the only 2 excuses I approve of are: “the course wasn’t marked well” (which totally happens in small races) and “omg, it was a torrential downpour and my shoes took on water and I needed a paddle”.

I jogged to my parents’ house afterwards. The post-race party is not as fun as it should be. I had crap to do, so I didn’t feel like day drinking anyway. I’ve got a nice bottle glass of wine that I’m enjoying tonight which is divine!

This is the tail end of a 5-Hour Energy shot (runner’s high!)


And this is a taste of the reward:


A little Cabernet…

Happy Saturday night to you all! I am going to sleep like a damn baby who didn’t get a nap. I can’t wait.


Dude. Guys. I was sick 2 weeks ago. Like, real sick.

I think I had the flu, but maybe not. I didn’t get tested (more on that later), but I haven’t been that sick in a long time. Or ever.

I woke up last Monday morning in a feverish sweat. To preface, I had a mild sore throat all weekend. For me, sore throat means a cold is coming on. But this was no cold.

I was a mess. It started around 2 am. I woke up with my face clogged so full of snot, and I was choking for mouth air since I couldn’t breathe out of the nose. No big deal. It was just a cold.

But hour by hour, I got worse. I was hot (not in a  sexy way). I couldn’t get comfortable. I started coughing. This was the worst cough. It wasn’t a scratchy throat cough. It wasn’t a snotty, phlemy cough that takes a few coughs to loosen up. No. This was bad. I would cough, then I’d get a hunk of snot in my throat, but it wouldn’t clear up. It just got lodged in there. So I would cough and cough and cough. It hurt but got me nowhere. It was so bad.

This was the first moment in my 29 years of life that I wished I had a “Life Alert” dangling on my neck. The coughing alone made me break out in a sweat, mostly because I feared for my life. I was LITERALLY choking for air. I have enough stability to calm myself down during moments of crisis. But I had to reason with myself. I CAN cough up this snot…even though I wasn’t sure if I could…

But I knew it right away. I had the flu. I didn’t get the shot (I never do), because I got the shot in 1995 and got the flu that year. I refused to get one since then. Stupid, but somewhat justifiable since this year’s flu vaccine is only 23% effective anyway. True story.

Anyway, I texted the folks at work and told them I was dying of the flu. Our office manager told me I should hit up the Doc for some Tamiflu. I considered it. But it was cold and raining outside, and I was dying. There was no way I was getting out of bed, into my car, and driving to the doc in the pouring rain and hallucinating. I decided going to the doctor was stupid. If I had the flu, they were out of Tamiflu (sources revealed). And if I didn’t have the flu, hanging out in a waiting room with people who probably did have it was a really stupid idea. I stayed in bed and continued to hallucinate.

No joke. I hallucinated that some girl, probably about 9 years old, dressed in a white robe, was trying to drag me out of bed. I was like, no, go away! Leave me alone! But she was so damn persistent! She was a dream, a hallucination, or I was so near death, and she was sent to drag me to heaven. I really hope she didn’t fail the test, (Dear God, forgive your tiny angel for not taking me away…I was a total bully. I refused to die.)

I got out of bed around 11:00. Even when sick, I can’t be that worthless. I got up and threw on a sweatshirt and sweatpants.

First thing in the morning, I texted Mom to tell her I was dying, and to explain my absence at the gym that morning. She told Dad. Then I got this:


My sweet daddy!!!! I totally loved this. He brought me a thermometer and veggie soup from the corner grocery store (he typed it wrong—Burbage’s Grocery not Burage—Dad’s still new to texting) right by my parents’ house.

Okay. So I was convinced I woke up with a fever, right? Out of bed, I threw on a hoodie and sweatpants because I was clammy (cold but hot). Dad came by and dropped off soup and thermometer (it was like a drug swap—no physical contact). I bid him farewell, then went inside to see what fate would befall me…

How high was this beastly fever? 102? 103???


Hmm. Well. Not much fever over here….. cough cough…

I was blown away. Or rather, I laughed hysterically. By myself. For way too long. I later realized it wasn’t cold outside. Just rainy. So I was hot and sweaty because I was sleeping with too many blankets and too much cuddly clothing.

So, no fever….yet, I felt like horse shit. I can’t even explain it. My nose was so dried out and raw, but the snot was never-ending. The cough was the worst. It just hurt to cough. I dreaded it when I knew I needed to cough.

I didn’t eat much. I ate the vegetable soup dad brought me (even though there was beef in it). I dodged the hunks of beef. I only ate it because the price tag slapped on the container was $15.99. It was organic beef.

I was down and out for 3 days. I felt like total crap. I worked a bit (from home) because I was so bored. Even though you’re supposed to sleep when you’re sick, I can only sleep so much. Plus, sitting up was helpful. Lying down, all the junk settled in my chest. I did some low intensity cardio every day. I read that as long as you don’t have fever and feel okay, cardio is beneficial. I felt better after a few brief workouts. I stayed out of the gym for a few days. I’m pretty sure I picked up this grunge at the gym, but I wasn’t going to bring it back in there.

You don’t realize how good you feel until you feel like crap. I appreciate that a little bit more now.

It’s 2 weeks later. I still have endless snot and a leftover cough. I don’t know where it’s coming from. I feel great, other than that. In fact, last night, I went to a work cocktail party. It was great! Here’s a cute picture of me and one of my favorite coworkers. I love real estate. I work with great people—smart, ambitious, and exploding with personality. =)


I like parties. But Sunday night parties with free-flowing booze….? My Monday afternoon looked like this:


I tried to take a nap on my desk, but a dull headache wouldn’t let me sleep. Which is probably a good thing. You know, since I was at work. And Mondays are pretty busy. But it’s cool. After my evening cardio session, I’m back to normal.

Sorry for going silent these last 2 weeks. I spent a week dying of flu. Then last week was still recovery.

Have you ever been so sick you thought you were dying? Not really…but you feel so helpless that you think it’s the end of the world and are DESPERATE to get back to normal?

Did you get a flu shot? Good for you if you did, but you’re still not safe. WASH YOUR HANDS!!!

The Installation of my Nest.

So I got a Nest for Christmas.

I’m a badass, so I installed it myself.

I was on top of the world because I nailed it!

Then, the AC didn’t work.


So. Let me explain the setup of a Nest on a 6-wire system (since this wasn’t in the instructions).

Exhibit A: You have your original thermostat. Take a picture. This was a wise move on my part (so I later realized).


Cut power to your AC/Heat via your breaker box. Most thermostats are low voltage, so it shouldn’t hurt you to mess with the wires, but it might hurt your system if the wires are exposed and bumping around. Don’t risk it. Cut the power.

Make note of the wires and the letters above (and below…) that strip of screws. The colors are clues, but the letters are VERY important too.

I had the following:

Yellow wire: connected to Y (the cooling wire)
White wire: connected to W2 (on top….below, the label was AUX) — it’s a heat wire.
Green wire: connected to G (it’s the fan wire)
Blue wire: connected to C (it’s a power wire, the “circuit control” wire)
Red wire: mine is RC (it could be RH or a joint wire connecting RC and RH). This one is the main power wire.
Brown wire: connected to W (on top…below, the label was O/B)

Above…I italicized the secondary labels. Because that’s what I’d have to remember later.

I went to the Nest website, I told them which wires I had. I had a W, W2, G, C, Y, and RC. I got this confirmed setup.

what they say

So that’s what I did.

It didn’t work. I thought it did…at first.

I ran a test of all equipment. Heat worked, auxiliary heat worked, fan worked, but I couldn’t test the AC. At first, it told me the outside temp was too cold to test the AC efficiently. I went with that…

Two days later, I wanted to turn on the AC. So I ran the test. Warm air came out of my vents. The test FAILED. AHHH!!!! I really needed AC.

Panic. Super panic, actually. Charleston weather is stupid. December 28th was 70+ and humid. I really need some AC that night. I can’t sleep when it’s hot. I was out of luck. I opened my windows two nights straight, something I don’t like to do (outside means smog, pollen, dust, etc.—there’s a lotta junk out there that I’d rather not bring inside of my nice clean house), but I needed cool air on Monday night—real bad. So I opened windows in the bedroom…ick. But it felt SO good.

Tuesday, I did some research. Wiring is nerve wracking. I was so scared about short circuiting something. Or crossing wires. Or overheating/overcooling my system because of my bold mishaps. I don’t know how risky thermostat installation really is (if at all), but it would be my luck that I’d wire my system all wrong, and something would short circuit and totally render my HVAC useless. Probably impossible, but for me? Totally likely. I would be the one who has to replace my entire heating and air system because I stuck the one wire in the NEVER PUT THAT ONE HERE, EVER!!!! little wire hole.

I took a shot in the dark. I decided my W2 wire was actually my Auxiliary wire and my W wire was actually the O/B heat pump wire (based on the super unclear labeling system on my thermostat). Everything else was cool.

I cut the power, rewired, added power, and tested…

Low and behold…all was well! I got heat and AC. BOOM! I win.

My new wiring setup:






And hot air comes out when the Nest is red. Cold air comes out when it’s blue. Success!

At this point, I think I can set up anyone’s Nest. Even the special cases. Dehumidifiers and such (those go in the * slot). But for real, I researched enough to actually understand the purpose of each wire, and color and letter could mean one thing or another. Electrical junk is cool. My grandfather is a retired electrical engineer. He was VERY successful (he is/was very smart—he thinks outside the box). Hopefully, I inherited the knack! At the very least, I inherited his desperate need to self-solve a problem. I hate giving in and admitting that I’ve failed or don’t have a solution to an issue. Even if it isn’t my specialty. I’ll hire someone when the job is nasty (like extreme plumbing) or if it’s dangerous for me (specifically, height). But if it’s within my realm of capability, I got this.

My nest project is lighting. I think this is my progression from the Nest install. Wires and junk. I just need to remember to cut power.

Have you dabbled in DIY projects? Were they successful…or not so much?

Do you have projects on the horizon? Do share!

And if you want to install a Nest, I can help! My failures can help you succeed!

Christmas in Photos

Alright. Christmas. In photos!

OMG…..it’s Christmas!


Tis the season for skinny peppermint mochas.

10885481_10101761922145818_1916404699639768410_nMom’s tree.

10850027_10101762219210498_7726338887032275730_nMom’s Charlie Brown tree.

10474839_10101762217009908_7692478299458903159_nJ’adore…Dior. I was saying that all day. Annoying. But. J’adore….Dior…

10685509_10101763315069388_2249664842018643969_nI got a Nest thermostat from Santa. I can’t even tell you how excited I was! And I was determined to install it myself.

10391048_10101765850982398_7227085943527183348_nThere were lots of wires and crap, but I got this. I mean, “wire” rhymes with “fire” but whatever.

10250064_10101766045612358_4069309968597264857_nI did it! All by myself. Add “electrician” to my resume.

IMG_5477And I got some other fun stuff. Like whale measuring cups.

IMG_5470Quest Bars! And my brother stocked my bar with booze, and also threw in a bottle of Zing Zang!
IMG_5471Christmas was great! Fun with family and later with friends. I ended Christmas day with my best friend Grayson, her sister Eliza, her mom, and her mom’s boyfriend at her mom’s house downtown.

10882264_10101764434226588_3704584499701996156_nGrayson’s sister, Eliza, went abroad to Italy to dive into a cooking internship. Oh. My. GOD. We had brisket (I don’t eat red meat, but it smelled phenomenal), polenta, honey glazed roasted carrots, salsa verde, and this amazing cilantro/oregano parmesan pull apart bread (from scratch). This was the most amazing meal ever. Dessert was an authentic Italian tiramisu that put the best tiramisu recipe to shame. I brought a bottle of cabernet that (fortunately) was amazing, and complimented the brisket perfectly.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Sorry for not elaborating, but sometimes, pictures tell a story best. Have a great weekend, folks! I need to plan for New Years. So far, I’ve got nothing.

What was your favorite Christmas gift? Or did you give someone a gift that made you super happy? I gave my mom a pair of UGG slippers that she didn’t ask for, and she’s like a kid who just got a bike or something—-I love how happy she is!

Do you have New Year’s plans worth sharing? Do tell!

Weekends are for Warriors.

I was pressured heavily into racing on Saturday. But I said no. It was the Pajama Run, one that I’ve run the last 3 years. I would’ve won or come close. But there was nothing on the line. I’d get the same mug (the award) if I was an overall finisher or an age group winner. Not to sound cocky, but this race (based on participation) ensured me a mug. There was no way I wouldn’t place top 3 overall (or top 3 in my age group). But I could care less. I wanted sleep. And I got it. No regrets.

I went to gym around 10:30. Cardio followed by leg strength. Legs are easy. Boring, but easy.

I asked Santa for a Nest thermostat for Christmas. Lowe’s was sold out, so Santa needs to order online. But while I was at Lowe’s, I bought a tree. Hollerrrrr! I tied it to the roof myself. The guy at Lowe’s said he couldn’t do it for me. Liability issues. I quote, “I can’t tie it down for you because if gets air and kills someone, I’m screwed.” So I took control of the situation. Mom’s in the passenger seat. Being awkward awesome.


Before I got the tree, I also got inspired and bought a gallon of primer for my kitchen. My kitchen fell to the back burner because it was an unfinished room. I keep saying, “I’ll paint it. I swear.” but never did. Finally, this weekend, I committed. I primed on Saturday afternoon, dipped out for a 6 mile sunset run while the paint dried, then completed the job (with leftover paint from painting the living room).

Totally crazy. But it had to be done. And it was most rewarding.

Check out the “before” I moved in photo (I shot this during my first showing). How much crap can we pack onto a countertop? Probably more than that, but seriously. Look at the cabinet space. Put your junk in the cabinets.


And now, with the ML treatment. I still need to hang my bamboo shade, but other than that, it’s done. I do want to add a white subway tile backsplash at some point. And I want add some lighting under the top cabinets. I want to keep it simple. I’m considering these. Battery powered. Super easy. I don’t really do “electrical” work. Plumbing yes (even though it’s ew), but electrical? Too risky.


Subtle changes make a huge difference. Paint and decluttering? Huge. Keep your important stuff on the counter. Like the coffeemaker, wine, and the cute ceramic spoon/spatula holder thing.

On Sunday morning, I baked a loaf of pumpkin bread. Ex-boyfriend was possibly coming over for coffee and pumpkin bread to “talk about what’s going on”, but he bailed. More pumpkin bread for me.


Easy recipe.

2 cups of whole wheat flour (I use King Arthur white wheat)
1 can of pumpkin
1/2 cup egg substitute
1/4 cup Stevia or Splenda (probably 1/2 cup of sugar. But don’t eat sugar. Just don’t)
3 Tbsp olive oil
2 tsp baking powder
2 tsp cinnamon
a dash of salt (like 1/8th tsp)

Mix it up in a bowl. Pour it into a standard bread pan (rubbed down in olive oil to avoid stickage). Bake at 350° for 40 to 45 minutes. Do the toothpick test. It doesn’t rise a whole lot, but the top starts to crack.

This is yummy bread. I top it off with a little Greek yogurt mix. This is what I do:

1 container of 0% plain Greek yogurt
1 scoop of vanilla protein powder
a few tbsp of stevia/splenda since my powder is unsweetened
a splash of almond milk

This little mix mimics cake icing in texture (and taste, actually).

The pancake version is great plain, but whenever I can add to a recipe, why not? I posted pancakes a while back. Go find that one. I’m too drunk to help you out. But your whole, ginormous Greek yogurt mix is equal to a tiny teaspoon of Pillsbury frosting. My mix is like a CUP of frosting. With no sugar or lard. Go me.

IMG_5242This is SO good! I top it off with some sugar free syrup (LogHouse brand) and more cinnamon.

I’m kind of bummed tonight. I look good. I feel good. But the guy I love doesn’t love me. That sucks. I’m usually the one in a relationship who doesn’t care. The tables have turned.

Do you have any unfinished questions/business for an ex?

Or do you have a last minute recipes that might go viral? Bring it!


Crushing it (times two)

I woke up Saturday morning really wishing I could sleep for like 3 more hours. Oh well. I didn’t have that luxury. So I got up out of bed and did my thing. I made my hair pretty (thanks, flat-iron) and put on a touch of makeup, so I wouldn’t look like I just rolled out of bed and crawled to the race. There’s nothing nastier to me than the bedhead/droopy eye look. It’s just gross. It only takes 10 seconds to apply a touch of eye shadow and maybe some waterproof eyeliner and mascara.

Feminists. Chill…calm down. I don’t paint my face like a daggum pageant girl, but I want to look halfway decent. Maybe it’s a southern thing. But I take pride in how I look. I sweat like a best. I really don’t want to be at the finish line looking gross. A little waterproof makeup goes a long way. If people want to snap photos of this champ, I want to look okay. I’m vain in that way.

Vanity aside, I woke up at 7 mainly to give myself a solid hour to get my act together. Friday night, I didn’t plan out what to wear. Usually, I have my race day outfit assembled the night before. This time? Not so much. I also drank a solid 3 glasses of wine the night before. No big deal, but I was super “whatever, I’ll be fine” which probably isn’t the best mentality. It was a long week.

I didn’t know what to eat for breakfast. My head was NOT in it. I was going through the pre-race motions, but I felt kind of “meh”, you know? Shoulder shrugging, foggy, bloaty. Just not awesome at all. Last Thursday, before the Turkey Day Run, I felt awesome. So I was thinking this might not be my day. I was actually a little worried. I have fans. Ha! Not like I’m a big deal, but I do have friends and running followers who seriously pull for me. I want to deliver an exceptional performance. Always. This morning, my stomach was flipping around, I felt heavy. I wasn’t nervous, but I wasn’t excited or motivated. Why?!?!

Well, I kind of broke up with my boy buddy on Friday. I really liked him. Hell. I loved him. But he isn’t on the same page. At all. I didn’t ask to get married, but if you can’t call me your girlfriend? I don’t get it. Why is that so hard? If I’m so “Cool and pretty and smart, and always right”, and if I’m “the one person who makes me feel happy these days,” I’ve got nothing. That was a bummer and didn’t help my game face. I got 8 hours of sleep, but it was a rough 8 hours.

I took my normal shot of 5 Hour Energy and ate a Quest Bar.


I procrastinated until about 7:55 and decided to head downtown.

I was dreading this race. I don’t know why. I was so excited about it, but this morning, I just couldn’t find my race face.

I did a really lame warmup. Maybe a mile or a little more. The weather was good for this race. A good bit warmer than Thanksgiving, but still cool. I think it was around 56°. Standing still, I was cold, but jogging around, I felt great. I actually felt more confident when I started warming up. I knew the elements weren’t an issue this time around. I was perfectly dressed in my Nike shorty spandex shorts and a red (for Christmas!) Nike tank top.

I jogged back to the start. I ran into my friend Ashley. He bartends on the side, so he didn’t go to sleep til like 3:00 and woke up at 7. And I was complaining about needing more sleep. We hung out. I did another little warmup run, about half a mile, then went back to the start.

I really like the starting line at a race. There’s so much spirit and energy. Everyone is there to run. Everyone has a mission. Some people want to win. Some people want to beat a time. Some people just want to finish. I met a girl at the start who recognized me from another run. Lauren. She wanted a pacer (let me say, this is both flattering and threatening). But she told me she was never able to beat her best time until she paced with me, and I apparently helped her get her best time ever last year. So she was determined to do even better. I tried not to feel scared and threatened…haha but I was.

I ran into my friend Jordan who I haven’t seen in 10 years. We were lifeguards together, back in the day. He used to be a big runner. He took a break, but he’s racing again.

The start was good. There were a bunch of kids on the starting line witch is a big problem. But I was positioned on the far right—perfect for cutting in front of the kids and sticking with the elite crew.

I was flying during the first mile. I felt great. There were 3 girls ahead of me. Actually, I started better than them, but they pulled ahead. I recognized two of them. I regretfully gave up a bit, since I know they are phenomenal and would most definitely finish in the 17s. But it’s cool. They really do live to race. There was a kid in front of me, maybe 12 years old? No ma’am.  You will NOT beat me. I schooled her and put her in her place.

At the 1 mile mark, some girl came up right beside me. Like RIGHT beside me. Her left shoulder was inches from my right. I don’t know if this was a scare tactic, or if she was just an idiot. But she was breathing loud, and her ipod was blasting some sort of Taylor Swift or annoying pop that I was not in the mood for. I dug deep for the sake of my sanity (and dignity) and blew ahead. She really started panting, and I was over that crap. At this point, I knew 3 girls were ahead of me, I could see them, but they weren’t close enough to catch. I settled in, and passed a few guys. No girls came close to me.

The second half of the run was awesome. There was a side wind. No head or tail, but side wind is fine. I rounded the final corner, and my 5th grade homeroom teacher lives along the final stretch. She and her cute kids look for me every year. They were upstairs on the porch and cheered me on. Little things like that make such a difference. It totally helped in the last quarter mile.

I approached the finish line and frantically looked for the clock in the distance.


Oh my God.

Was that a 19? Crap. I was slower than I thought, still good though. But wait. No. That was a…yes…an 18. 18:20 something?!?!?!  WHAT>!>!!

I crossed the finish at 18:39.

What just happened??? I can’t explain it.

I crushed my lifelong goal. I never thought I’d finish with an 18 minute time. I was 4th girl overall. I got $100 in cash as my prize. I spent $20 at the bar with my buds. $3 mimosas and Bloody Marys are kind of enticing.

IMG_5360Me and my boys. This selfie turned out perfectly awkward, so we went with it.  IMG_5361I was happily hammered. We started drinking free beer at 9:30, and then we used my prize money for mimosas. We went our separate ways around 1:30. I  got home and found the best gift ever on my doorstep.FullSizeRender

Yeah. That’s 10 boxes of Quest Bars. Thanks, Cyber Monday. I got 10 boxes for $188. That’s a savings of $62. Totally worth it. Free shipping too!

I took a 1 hour nap. I woke up (with my alarm) still drunk. So I went to the gym to sweat it out. I had errands to run. You can’t be drunk and responsible at the same time.

So today was great. I’m so humbled. On top of the world. I don’t know what happened today. I ran faster than I’ve run in 29 years. And nothing was chasing me…

Happy weekend, guys. Do something crazy. Not illegal. But crazy. It’s invigorating.


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