The Daily Dose — Episode 2

Okay. I promise I’ll get better. Consider this a trial run…

The Daily Dose — Episode 1

Game changer. Here it is. Let me know if you like the idea of video chats instead of my epic ramblings in type.

Vlogging, take 1.

Annnnnnnd: ACTION!

Friday Fun! :) <—-The smiley face says it all, am I right?

So here we have another summer Friday. Vacation for moi!

I mentioned a post or two ago that I am taking off Fridays all summer because I have an absurd accumulation of vacation hours that are just adding up. Our hours roll over. And after 5 years of employment (I’m approaching 7 years) you get even more hours. Even now, after taking something like…7 days now? I still have well over 100 hours to crush.

Fridays are great. Totally lazy. Totally ME time.

I woke up at 9 today (with an alarm…I can snooze if I feel like it). But 9 is 4 hours later than my normal 5 am wake-up, so that was just fine.

I was ravenous. I made an easy go-to breakfast. It’s oatmeal and a Quest Bar. I need to take a photo. It’s nothing beautiful, but photos are more fun.

I mix up 1/2 cup of quick oats, cinnamon, a dash of salt, and Splenda with water. I add enough water to be mixed but not soggy.

I microwave a Quest Bar, this time it was a Cinnamon Roll bar, for about 25 seconds. Then, I dump that puffy warm bar on top of my oatmeal bow.

It’s SO good!

Easy fiber+ protein meal to start the day. Then I ate a Double Chocolate Chunk Quest Bar because…hunger is real. I’m small, but I eat.

I was thirsty, so I drank what was left of my Cashew Milk. That stuff’s good. In my opinion, it tastes a bit heftier than skim dairy milk, and it’s only 25 calories for a cup. The stats are weak. But I don’t like dairy milk, never have.

Even as an 8 year old, I hated drinking milk (2% or skim, it didn’t matter). Milk was disgusting. It made me gag. Milk with dinner? Gross.

I never liked pork chops. My parents cooked pork chops once a week. It was always pork chops with a side of rice and canned mushrooms. Gross. Add a full glass of milk to that meal? Kill me. No wonder I was skin and bones as a 10 year old. I may have eaten the food if milk wasn’t lurking on the side…but all in all, that’s a nasty dinner. I’m typing this and kind of gagging at the same time.

Barf. Moving on…(digressions are healthy, this is why I blog! It’s all about reflection).

After my breakfasts, I decided to hit up my neighborhood gym. I did a super low intensity workout on the hybrid arc trainer/elliptical machine for 2 hours. Honestly, I just watched TV and moved a bit.


Clearly….I love exercise.

And I also love my bridge run towel—the only cool thing that comes in your race packet. I will NEVER pay for this race. I’ll continue to rely on my awesome company to sponsor me. And since I sweat…a lot…I could use 2 towels. This one is about as absorbent as wiping your face with the cheap toilet paper from rest stops on the side of the interstate.


Looks like I’m blowing my nose, but I wouldn’t dare. That towel couldn’t handle a nose blow.

I cleaned up at home, then went to Trader Joe’s for weekly shopping.

This is one of my fun buys these days:


It’s cauliflower and a little bit of salt. No butter or crap. Totally awesome. Next week’s lunches will be sweet potatoes drowning in dijon mustard (so good, I swear!) and this grilled cauliflower coated in hot salsa. There will be peas too (for veggie protein).

One last thing..

I went to the gym for an Arc Trainer workout tonight, while listening to my awesome new playlist (you get that tomorrow!). I killed it.

I left the gym and went to Publix to get some Egg Beaters and Cashew Milk when I saw this on the windshield of my car:


This happened in the gym parking garage. What do you think? Should I be flattered or creeped out? This person knows what car I drive. They write in all caps. The exclamation point has a full circle on the dot. Serial killer or sexy stalker….I guess I’ll find out…eventually?

How are you celebrating summer? Are you traveling? As a resident of a vacation destination…I don’t travel this time of year, but I assume most people beeline it to the coasts!

How do you interpret my dashboard note? Would you be flattered or terrified? I’m somewhere in the middle. I’ll be watching my back. ;)

The Apple Watch. My Big Brother.

I love my Apple Watch, but every Monday morning at around 5:09 am, it gives me a weekly summary. I’m always like, “Whoa! Go me!”
Then, Watch tells me I need to up my game. If I actually listened to Watch and continued to “Up” my goals weekly, I would die. I’ll stick with my current plan. This is like negotiating with Comcast or AT&T. Just let me do my thang. I want to stick to the plan that works for me. I don’t need Showtime (I know my way around the internet—you want to watch Homeland for free? Give me a shout.) And I don’t need to boost my “Active” calories. I can see how a tracker like this could be really dangerous in the wrong hands…
Tonight, I ran a swift 12 miler on the indoor gym track. Then I caught up briefly with my friend Rachel on our new Arc Trainers in the cardio room. She took last week off of work and bailed from the the gym (she went to town on her yard and other labor intensive activities instead. But I missed my buddy during the work week).
Lame post. But better than nothing?
Do you set fitness goals (reasonable or unreasonable…)?
Do you use a fitness tracker? Did it help you? Or did it hurt you? The only one I’ve had before the Apple Watch was a Nike Fuel Band. It was a total bomb. Nike did give me a full refund. It died after 2 months. I’m kind of intense. The Fuel Band couldn’t handle ML.

Weekend. Week-what?!

So I’ve got like 150+ vacation hours.

I am fortunate to live in Charleston, SC. The best place in the country. Thus, I have no need to travel. Ever. My family lives here. We’ve lived here forever. Since pre Civil War era. We’re in it to win it. I’m here to stay.

I don’t need vacation time to travel to see my family. I see my mom every day at the gym, I see my brother whenever we feel like hanging out, I visit my grandparents regularly, and my aunt and uncle live in paradise on Seabrook Island (so I play on the beach with them frequently).

Anyhoo, I am taking off Fridays this summer. Wooooooo!

On Thursday, at 3 PM, I give you kisses.


Also, I match my Apple Watch with my clothing. Today, we wear blue.


I laid low on Friday. Woke up at 9 am. Ate too much breakfast (I’m ravenous in the morning…once the sun comes up). So after I digested, I hit up my mini neighborhood gym at 11:00 to watch crappy tv and cram in some morning cardio. I watched The Price is Right (which isn’t half bad with Drew Carey, though I miss Bob) and Rachel Ray at noon. She’s some kind of annoying. She needs a co-host or something, someone to tone her down a bit. I’ve only watched her show a few times, but it’s super awkward. She is much better as a Food Network/cooking show host. I don’t want to knock her too much, but she’s just NOT a talk show host.

My Friday evening run was rough. I ate some peanut flour-based peanut butter dipped in popcorn (so good!!) as a pre-workout snack. I really wanted this late lunch/snack because it’s perfectly satisfying….but it was a bad move. My timing wasn’t right. I won’t get into details, but I needed it digested a little too quickly…That was way too much bulk in the tummy before a long run. Regardless, I still managed to crank out a reasonable run.


Saturday…I finally cleaned out my garage.

The girl who owned this place before me left a LOT of crap behind in the garage. Left over hardwood flooring, mosaic tiles, a big (super cheap) set of plastic storage drawers (like, a plastic faux wicker dresser thing. An 8-drawer beast. A heavy, dirty, cheap, crappy storage unit thing). I finally gathered the strength to haul this shit to the composter.

….along with my Christmas tree.


He’s been chillin’ in my garage since January. He was too big to toss in the composter. So today, I dismembered my dear friend. Limb by limb…


Sad. But finally. The last thing that needs to go. The tree.

My home is perfect right now. I am NOT a hoarder. That’s why the tree is hilarious. I am the ultimate purger. So now, my garage is empty. I am open to ideas. I searched Pinterest for how to utilize a garage. Most of what I found was mudroom stuff. But I don’t have kids. So I don’t want to set up lockers or space for my kids to dump their dirty shoes or backpacks. I want to capitalize on this space. Let it be noted. I’m all about the Man Cave. Nothing would be better. I just need a dude to fill that space…

I’m considering home brewing beer. The garage might be the best spot for this.

To cap off the weekend, I got to visit with some friends.

First I ate some spinach ice cream.


I went to the gym. Did an Arc Trainer workout for about an hour and half (just to watch Wimbledon), and when Federer lost…sad, sad day…I dipped out to go visit friends on Kiawah.

My college buddies, John David and Keri are vacationing on Kiawah this week, and they invited me out for the day. We caught up, over sunshine and beer, and it was a blast.


Family photo! It was a perfect day.

I got home around 5:30, and when my beer buzz wore off, I went downtown for a 12 mile run. Dude. It was HOT. I was soaked with sweat. No photo of that…it was gross. All in all, the weekend was a winner. Monday won’t bring me down. I laugh in the face of Monday!

Behold: WIAW!

Hey folks! How ’bout I contribute to this internet sensation…

What I ate…on Wednesday.

I’ll try to make this as beautiful and colorful as possible. Pardon the poor photography. Food photos are not my forté.

So. I started the morning with the usual 5:00 am alarm.


It never gets easy. No matter what. That alarm sounds…profanities ensue. It goes something like: “Mother fu$@#!!!! WHY?!?!!?!”

My alarm is the Castle theme song—my favorite TV show. It’s so innocent (yet perfectly mysterious, fresh, and calming. I need to wake up to mellow tunes, nothing too alarming—-haha, pun intended). This one works for moi.

I leap out of bed, with vigor and excitement!

(Translation: I stumble/fall out of bed with bitter hatred and deep regret that I drank that 3rd (or 4th) glass of cabernet last night).

Gym opens at 5:30. I am on the ArcTrainer or racing the indoor track no later than 5:31. Gotta get at it right away—time is money in the morning. Every minute is valuable. I’m on a tight schedule. I need to be exercised, showered, and outta there by 7:00.


This is me at 5:07 am. That’s sheer joy! Or maybe…it’s sheer crazy. Nothing like a bathroom photo shoot before sunrise.

You know what’s fun to watch on tv at 5:30 am? Infomercials about blenders. Yep. The Nutribullet. The NutriNinja. The Shred Emulsifier. Watching food get demolished really ups your game during a workout. Or I’m a total weirdo. I love watching food get pulverized. It’s somewhat therapeutic and calming. My friend Ben, who works out next to me most mornings, called me out the other day. He was like, “What’s with you and blenders?” I didn’t think anyone would notice. I got caught. I was honest, I really just like watching whole oranges turn to orange juice. But I’m also in the market for a top-notch blender. I love my Nutribullet, but it has failed me a few times. The lock and seal situation is faulty. If I don’t screw the base on tight as Hell, it can leak, and when it leaks, it drips into the motor. I’m on my second Nutribullet because the first one drowned after a protein shake overload.

My Arc Trainer workout was about an hour and 10 minutes. It was followed promptly with a phenomenal shower. Then I booked it home because I was ravenous for pre-breakfast.

My post workout recovery fuel these days is this little number…super easy, but SO good.

I mix up a big, ripe banana + a LOT of frozen spinach (at least a cup, probably more) + about 1/3 of a cup of frozen blueberries, and about a cup-ish of almond milk. More or less (of each ingredient), enough that all my ingredients mix in the Nutribullet. I eye-ball it, thus the vague measurements. Throw it in the Nutribullet (it does need to be a high-powered blender or it will likely be chunky and gross).

It miraculously turns into vegetable ice cream. Bowl worthy. You really can’t drink this in a glass, at least…not without gagging. This is almost a solid food. A thick shake—but not a smoothie. Since I use frozen veggies and fruit, it turns into a solid frozen concoction. It’s SO good. I was hesitant to hop on the spinach train, but as long as you go raw, you don’t have sodium and junk to screw up your flavors, so the result is amazing. I happily eat it like ice cream. I never thought I’d consider frozen spinach to be “delicious”. If you eat it in a bowl with a spoon, it’s a lot more fun. If you try to drink that in a glass? Ew. I promise, it tastes great. But you really need to bowl it. You could totally throw in some protein powder. But I pack my protein into my second breakfast later…


I enjoy my post workout pre-breakfast while catching up on world news, which is usually depressing. Especially recently. Charleston is an amazing place. We’ve been battered and beaten as of late, but we’re a tight-nit community. I think the rest of the country sees that, but I’ve still seen a lot of negative commentary regarding my city and state. I don’t think you can talk smack if you haven’t lived in the Holy City. As a whole, we worship God, we love each other (white, black, men, women, everyone). Tragedy strikes? We comfort and support. That’s what we do. I had to address that. Stepping down from the soap box.

Moving on.

I get ready for work, then hit the road. Kiawah Island is a good 25 minute drive from my house.

I eat my b-fast at work while diving into emails. My Daily breakfast is this fun concoction. I mix up 1/2 cup-ish of quick oats, a scoop of vanilla soy protein powder, and a lot of cinnamon, mixed with water to meet my ideal consistency (chilled overnight). I top it with plain 0% Greek yogurt (and more cinnamon).


I ran out of eyeliner. Clearly…I need to buy new eyeliner. I look sad, tired, and hungry. Truthfully, I was happy. Just tired and hungry.


Lunch! I make lunch the night before. This week, I’ve made a lunch out of quinoa. It’s a base of red quinoa, with carrots and peas, over a fresh bed of spinach greens, topped with some super hot salsa and dijon mustard.


Afternoon snack was a Quest Bar. I rotate my bars. This is the bar of the moment.


Evening workout was awesome. 13 mile run (indoors, on the track). I feel like a cheater when I run indoors, since it’s so much less miserable than running outside this time of year—-it’s absurd how hot it is right now. I proudly cheat with my indoor runs.


I got home. It was wine time.

After a few glasses of cabernet, it’s time for din din.

Egg whites. For the win. It’s so easy to fry up a carton of egg whites for dinner. So that’s what I did. And I added tomato paste for lycopene (it was a game time decision, so not pictured).

IMG_6794 IMG_6795IMG_6797

Dessert was 2 Quest bars, baked to perfection, with a side of protein packed Greek yogurt dip.

IMG_6800 IMG_6803IMG_6802

2 Quest Bars, sliced and diced, tossed into the oven at 350° for 12 minutes.

The dip? One container of 0% plain Greek yogurt (Chobani this time), mixed with about half a scoop of ON vanilla casein protein powder and a splash of almond milk.

After that, it’s bedtime! My favorite time of the day. So ends my WIAW.

I love exercise. I love eating food. But I only want to eat food that fuels me. There’s nothing wrong with “splurging”, but I don’t really do that. And I don’t binge on anything. I want everything that I eat to be worth my while. “Cheat” meals aren’t on my agenda, mainly because I don’t feel like I deprive myself of anything to the point that I need to dedicate a day or a meal to over eat on crappy food. My diet is very versatile. I love my foods. I get excited about meals, even though most people would find my meals to be less than exciting. Obviously, I don’t care what other people think. I’m just sharing my eats to inspire and answer the “how do you do it??” questions.

Do you have any weird tv interests that captivate you during a workout?

Do you have a blender that you recommend…beyond the Nutribullet?

Kickin’ it with new kicks!

I am an odd girl. I prefer athletic shoes to pumps. Yes, I have a few pairs of Cole Haans and Jack Rogers sandals. But I prefer a solid pair of ASICS over any other shoes.

Yesterday, these guys arrived, And it was like Christmas in July.


ASICS GT-2000s. Stellar. I aim towards the lighter weight shoes. My choice ASICS are the Noosa line, the Cumulus series, or anything in the GTs. These shoes deliver. They’re a few ounces heavier than my Noosas, but it’s not a noticeable difference.

Tonight, I ran 7 miles on the indoor track at my gym, then I did an impromptu 1-hour spin class because my favorite instructor was in town and took the slot.

Last night, I broke in these new kicks with my friend Nicki. She competes in figure competitions. She is my hero! We sprint together at least once a week. Nicki randomly sought me out at the gym a few months ago, since she knew I was kind of a cardio extremist. Now we motivate each other to push ourselves beyond our limits.


After we kick some ass, we have photo shoots. Nicki is much better at posing, since she is a seasoned professional. I look constipated. But I’ll proudly admit, I am NEVER constipated. Fiber is your friend.

Do you have a favorite shoe (brand or style)? Do tell.


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